You are in a relationship, but you have some problems? This may be the tarot spread you need.

This is a seven cards tarot spread that investigates the potential of an existing relationship, the strengths of each partner involved and their chances to continue and develop this relationship. It is a very positive approach, focusing only on strengths. It doesn’t ask if it is possible to do something, it simply asks what can be done. It is especially efficient for solving relationship problems.

Two of the cards (2 and 6) represent the partner, two other cards (1 and 5) represent yourself and the other three cards (3, 4 and 7) investigate both of you: the common base, the influences and the common goal of your relationship.

7 Cards Tarot Spread for Existing RelationshipsThe Meanings of the Cards

1st card – Your partner

2nd card – Yourself

3rd card – Influences acting in favour of the relationship

4th card – The common base, the most powerful source of this relationship’s strength

5th card – What the partner brings in the relationship

6th card – What you bring in the relationship

7th card – The common goal


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