2017 doesn’t offer the ideal start for Aries, when we are talking about career and money. Mercury retrograde in the tenth house, in the first days of the New Year, can bring them into awkward situation, in public. But this is not a long-lasting transit. On January 5th Mercury is already in the ninth house and doesn’t influence anymore Aries’ career. Mercury enters again in the tenth house on January 12th, but in direct motion, bringing much better influences.

Forgetting about Mercury and his January stroll, I will describe the most important planetary transits that influence Aries in 2017, regarding money, career and business: Mars in the second house (March 10th-April 21st, Mercury retrogrades in the second house (Aprl 9th-April 20th), Venus in the second house (June 6th-July 7th), Pluto retrograde in the tenth house (April, 20th –September, 28th), Jupiter in the eighth house (starting October 11th) and Saturn in the tenth house (starting December 20th).

aries 2017 horoscopeMARCH 10th –APRIlL21st: A LOT OF MONEY COMING IN, A LOT OF MONEY GOING OUT: between 10 March and 21 April 2017, Mars transits and energizes your second house: house of money, possessions and bank accounts. Usually, Mars increases the flow of money into your life, but this planet doesn’t care if the money is coming in or going out. What is important is that money must flow. It you saw the movie „The Secret“, you already know what we are talking about: „ As money comes to you, it must flow through you like the flow of a river or the flow of money will stop. Be the flow“. So, you will find ways to make more money and grow your wealth, during this transit. But this money will be quickly spend or invested, they are not meant for a bank deposit or for any other kind of saving. So, the best way is to be informed and to inform yourself and to invest smart. The best time to do this is before April 9th, when Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus.

APRIL 9TH – APRIL 20TH: STOP BUSINESS NEGOTIATION! When Mercury retrogrades in Taurus, Aries has to be very careful with money! Stop buying stuff they don’t need, avoid impulse buying and don’t let themself fooled by marketing! Otherwise, there is a major risk to spend in these ten days more than in an entire month. The best thing to do (with Mercury retrograde affecting communication and with Mars energizing the house of money) is to avoid any financial negotiation. If this is not possible, you must try to avoid the most common money or salary negotiation mistakes: revealing prematurely how much you would accept, accepting or declining offers too quickly or take things to personally. You also must remember to never give away without getting something in return.

JUNE 6TH – JULY 7TH: YOU NEED FINANCIAL SECURITY: When Venus is transiting the second house, financial security becomes very important to you.  But you also like to invest in your health and in your beauty. So, you’ll find some ways to make economy and to develop financial stability. But, after working for money, you will indulge yourself at the spa and you will also buy some nice clothes. Relationships with people having money-related jobs (like loan officers, real estate officers or accountants) will improve. Maybe now is the best time to call your bank.

APRIL, 20TH – SEPTEMBER, 28TH: HORRIBLE BOSSES: While Pluto retrograde is transiting Capricorn, you will have to learn how to successfully handle aggressive and controlling people. Maybe you will have the most horrible bosses. And I am not talking about „Horrible Bosses“ like in the movie with the same title – it will not be Jennifer Aniston getting naughty. I am ralking about real life horrible bosses – arrogant, unrealistic, disconnected or simply mean. Or – depending on your natal chart – you can yourself become too arrogant or carrying too much about what others think . Remember, how they think of you is their problem, not yours!

aries money business horoscope 2017STARTING OCTOBER 11th, 2017: OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: with Jupiter transiting Scorpio, Aries will become an expert in other people’s money. During this transit, people born under the Aries sign are lucky with investments and legacies. Even if they do not earn sufficient money, their life partner, their parents or their other close relatives will certainly do. And guess who will help them to manage, to invest and to spend it! Peter Drucker, the educator and management consultant considered the founder of modern management offered the following definition: „ business, that’s easily defined – it’s other people’s money“. So, maybe you should start your own business – if you hadn’t already – between October 2017 and November 2018.

STARTING DECEMBER 20TH, 2017: BUILDING A SUCCESFULL CAREER: Starting December 20th, 2016, Saturn influences Aries’ career and public image, until the end of 2020. For Aries, building a successful career will become the main task. Acquiring skills, rather than prestigious job titles, is one of the main keys for self-development in career. Understanding the importance of a positive self-image and working to improve it is another „must“ for Aries, during these three years. They will put time and money into improving themselves, but the results will not come overnight. A real, effective boost for their career may come only at the end of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn or immediately after it. But the origins of this boost, of this development can be found in actions made starting December 2017.


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