Each planet is like an actor, performing a leading role (indicated by the astrological sign) on a stage (indicated by the astrological house). So, while passing through the 12 zodiac signs, planets energize some latent potential and have a different type of manifestation, according to the nature of the sign they transit.

So, Mars’ influence is always about the way you use your physical energy and personal strengths, but it also depends on the sign the planet is transiting in a certain moment.

Planetary Transits through the 12 Zodiac SignsPlanets in Aries strongly affirm their qualities, sometimes in a combative manner, even aggressively.

Planets in Taurus become stable and practical. Comfort is one of the most important goals.

Planets in Gemini are mobile and intellectual. Rational thinking and communication are highly appreciated.

Planets in Cancer become more emotional and responsive.

Planets in Leo become more daring and expressive. Creativity and self-expression are highly appreciated.

Planets in Virgo are materialist and develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

Planets in Libra are concerned about interpersonal relationships and social appearances.

Planets in Scorpio become highly emotional and introspective. The art of dissimulation is mastered and perfected.

Planets in Sagittarius invite you to express your freedom and to be open to a lot of experiences and ideas.

Planets in Capricorn become more practical. Patience and perseverance are essential values.

Planets in Aquarius need more freedom and independence than in any other sun sign. And they tend to manifest this freedom in unconventional ways.

Planets in Pisces become more compassionate and intuitive. There is a tendency towards scarifying yourself for helping others.