On June 4th 2016 there is a New Moon in Gemini. New Moon is the time when the Moon is not visible from the Earth, because it has the same ecliptical longitude with the Sun (the Moon is „hidden“ by the shadow of the Earth).

In astrology, the New Moon is considered the perfect time for new beginnings, because both the Sun and the Moon are aligned in the same Zodiac sign (Gemini, on June, 4th, 2016). The concentrated energies of the sign help us to initiate projects, to make resolutions, to bring changes in our life.

new moon in gemini june 4th

The air sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is usually associated with communication, learning and travels (especially short-distance travels). These are the areas of focus, when the Sun conjuncts the Moon in Gemini.

How to Utilize the Power of the New Moon in Gemini

Each sun sign should respond to some questions, in order to understand how this New Moon can help and bring something new into his life:

Aries: Do you communicate effectively? Are you a good listener? Do you clarify ideas in your mind, before starting to talk?

Taurus: Do you earn enough money? How much money can you really make?

Gemini: Are you appreciated for your real qualities? What are your personal strengths and how can you develop them?

Cancer: How do you manage your emotions? Can you focus on the positive?

Leo: How can you introduce new ideas at work? How do you cultivate innovation?

Virgo: What are your career goals? Are they challenging? Are they attainable?

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Libra: The less routine, the more life! How do you overcome daily routine?

Scorpio: How can you diversify your income? Do you have reliable business partners?

Sagittarius: Are you a good partner? How can you improve your relationship?

Capricorn: Are you a big picture thinker or detail-oriented, at work?

Aquarius: How creative are you? How can you innovate more?

Pisces: Do you have and maintain a successful work-life balance?

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