There are 12 new moons in 2017, one in each month of the year. So, we don’t have a Black Moon (an extra new moon in a month, when a year which normally has 12 new moons has 13 instead, like happened in 2016).

new moon calendar 2017

There are also two special new moons, in February and August: on 26 February, there is an annular solar eclipse, visible in South and West Africa, much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica. On 21 August, there is a total solar eclipse, visible in Western Europe, North and East Asia, North and West Africa, North America, North and West of South America, Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

January, 28th: New Moon in Aquarius (Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius)

February, 26th: New Moon in Pisces (Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces)

March, 28th: New Moon in Aries (Sun conjunct Moon in Aries). More about the New Moon in Aries

April, 26th: New Moon in Taurus (Sun conjunct Moon in Taurus)

May, 25th: New Moon in Gemini (Sun conjunct Moon in Gemini)

June, 24th: New Moon in Cancer (Sun conjunct Moon in Cancer) More abour the New Moon in Cancer

July, 23rd: New Moon in Leo (Sun conjunct Moon in Leo)

August, 21st: New Moon in Leo (Sun conjunct Moon in Leo)

September, 20th: New Moon in Virgo (Sun conjunct Moon in Virgo)

October, 19th: New Moon in Libra (Sun conjunct Moon in Libra)

November, 18th: New Moon in Scorpio (Sun conjunct Moon in Scorpio)

December, 18th: New Moon in Sagittarius (Sun conjunct Moon in Sagittarius)