Monday, April 18th: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – accepting change is vital for your professional success. A deep inner transformation is necessary, to find your place in society.

Tuesday, April 19th: Sun enters Taurus – Taurus is stable, patient, practical and hard-working. These qualities will be the most respected, in the next month.

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Wednesday, April 20th: Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – you speak freely about what you think and what you like. There is a risk to upset people.

Thursday, April 21st:  Moon in Libra opposite Venus and Uranus in Aries – it is important to trust and to give space, in your relationship.

Friday, April 22nd: Full Moon in Scorpio (Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio) – you become aware of your deepest desires and you struggle to fulfil them. Many of us adopt today an „all-or-nothing“ attitude.

Saturday, April 23rd: Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries – you have surprising and creative ideas. You put them into practice without waiting too long.

Sunday, April 24th: Moon in Scorpio opposite Mercury in Taurus – you don’t really know what you do. There is a conflict between rational thought and subconscious desires.

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Good Days for Zodiac Signs (April, 18th – April 24th)

Good days for Aries: Saturday (to affirm yourself)

Good days for Taurus: Tuesday (to affirm yourself) and Sunday (to make decisions)

Good days for Gemini: Friday (at work)

Good days for Cancer: Friday (in love)

Good days for Leo: Tuesday (professional)

Good days for Virgo: Saturday (financial)

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Good days for Libra: Tuesday (financial), Saturday (for relationships)

Good days for Scorpio: Friday (to affirm yourself)

Good days for Sagittarius: Saturday (in love)

Good days for Capricorn: Saturday (for family)

Good days for Aquarius: Tuesday (for family)

Good days for Pisces: Tuesday (to communicate)