Monday, April 11th: Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius – today, you don’t really know what you want. It is very difficult to make any important decision.
Tuesday, April 12th: Venus in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius – the relation between desires and thought is harmonious, today. Significant achievements become possible.

weekly horoscope april 11th april 17th
Wednesday, April 13th: Moon in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo – it is important to express your love and positive feelings. Today, small gestures make you feel loved.
Thursday, April 14th: Moon in Cancer square Sun and Uranus in Aries – don’t hurry and don’t start activities or project without being prepared!
Friday, April 15th: Moon in Leo trine Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius – you naturally know when to be patient and when to increase your speed. A good timing is essential, today.

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Saturday, April 16th: Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn – today, you understand the root cause of your problems. Then, you will decide what changes are necessary.
Sunday, April 17th: Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius – until June, 29, Mars will be in retrograde motion. It is the time to understand that energy management matters more than time management. Efficiency, especially in intellectual activities, becomes a priority.

Good Days for Zodiac Signs (April, 11th – April 17th)

Good days for Aries: Tuesday (to affirm yourself) and Friday (in love)
Good days for Taurus: Tuesday (financial) and Saturday (to communicate)
Good days for Gemini: Saturday (financial)
Good days for Cancer: Wednesday (to affirm yourself)
Good days for Leo: Friday (to affirm yourself)
Good days for Virgo: Wednesday (to affirm yourself) and Saturday (in love)

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Good days for Libra: Tuesday (to communicate)
Good days for Scorpio: Tuesday (financial), Friday (financial) and Saturday (to communicate)
Good days for Sagittarius: Tuesday (to affirm yourself), Wednesday (financial) and Friday (to study)
Good days for Capricorn: Friday (financial) and Saturday (in love)
Good days for Aquarius: Friday (in relationships)
Good days for Pisces: Wednesday (in love)