What are the best careers for Aries? The first sign of the zodiac is ruled by Mars, planet named after the Roman god of war. Mars was a very important god and March (mensis Martius or Mars’month was the first month of the year, in Roman calendar. Therefore, Aries – sun sign ruled by Mars – is the first sign of the zodiac).

Careers for Aries: In the Army, now

careers for aries military

careers for aries military

Above all else, Aries is a warrior. Aries is an active, energetic sign and he always enjoys a challenge. When provoked, he gives his best. Without challenges, he may feel confused and unmotivated. So, choosing a military career may be the best idea, for any Aries.

There are multiple advantages of joining the Military. Among them we cite the ones presented by goarmy.com: „The training and salary you get as a Soldier are only some of the ways the Army strengthens you for tomorrow. The Army also offers money for education, comprehensive health care, generous vacation time, family services and support groups, special pay for special duties and cash allowances to cover the cost of living“.

There were some skilful military leaders, during history, born under the sign of Aries. Let’s see some of them, from different countries and continents:

Famous Aries Military Leaders 

  • Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, English general, born 29 March 1584, commander in the Parliamentary army in the English Civil War.(1642–1651)
  • Michiel de Ruyter, born 24 March 1607, one of the most skilled admirals in Dutch history, scored several major victories against the English and French, the best known being the Raid on the Medway (June 1667)
  • Count Fredrik Axel von Fersen, born 5 April 1719, Swedish statesman and soldier, Fersen distinguished himself in the Seven Years’ War, during the operations round Usedom and Wollin in 1759, when he inflicted serious loss on the Prussians.
  • Sybil Ludington, born April 5, 1761, daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington, was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War who, mounted on her horse, Star, became famous for her night ride on April 26, 1777 to alert rebel forces to the approach of the British regular forces.
  • Augustin Daniel Belliard, born May 25, 1769, French general, major participant of the 1798 Egyptian expedition of Napoleon, governor of Upper Egypt, advanced with his troops into Nubia. He played a major role in the taking of Bulal and Cairo.
  • Francisco de Paula Santander, born April 2, 1792, Colombian military and political leader during the 1810–1819 independence war of the United Provinces of New Granada (present-day Colombia).
  • Braxton Bragg, born March 22, 1817, U.S. Army officer, general in the Confederate States Army and later the military advisor to the Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
  • Isoroku Yamamoto, born April 4, 1884, Japanese Marshal Admiral and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II until his death, in 1942. He was responsible for major battles such as Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) and Midway (3–7 June 1942).
  • Kim Il-sung, born 15 April 1912, North Korean general and politician, 1st Supreme Leader of North Korea.
  • William Westmoreland, born March 26, 1914, U. S. Army general, who most notably commanded U.S. forces during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968.


Careers for Aries: Sport

Nowadays, the military aren’t anymore the only ones who fight and face tough opponents, winning fame and glory. An Olympic medallist, a boxing or a football champion have more fans all over the world and more money than any brave soldier fighting for his country.

careers for Aries: sport

careers for Aries: sport

So, sport is a great option for the competitive and physical Aries, when he (or she) chooses a career. In addition, sport is less dangerous than the army. Let’s see, too, some great sport champions born and the sign of Aries.


Famous Aries in Sport 

  • Charles ‘Chas’ Mortimer, born 14 April 1949, English professional motorcycle short-circuit road racer and race-school instructor who also entered Grands Prix. He remains the only rider to have won FIM Grand Prix races in the 125, 250, 350, 500 and 750 world championship classes.
  • Ayrton Senna, born 21 March 1960, Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula One world championships in 1988, 1990 and 1991.
  • Michael von Grünigen, born April 11, 1969, Swiss alpine skier, won the World Cup in Giant Slalom in 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2003, was World Champion in Giant Slalom in 1997 and 2001.
  • Jacques Villeneuve, born April 9, 1971, Canadian auto racing driver, won the 1995 CART Championship, the 1995 Indianapolis 500 and the 1997 Formula One World Championship.
  • Rivaldo, born 19 April 1972, Brazilian footballer, played 74 matches and scored 35 goals for Brazil and is the seventh highest goalscorer, won the 1999 Copa América where he was named player of the tournament. and the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
  • Roman Hamrlík, born April 12, 1974, Czech professional ice hockey defenceman, played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League, he was part of the gold medal-winning Czech team at the 1998 Winter Olympics.
  • Fernando Morientes, born 5 April 1976, Spanish footballer, played 47 times for the Spanish national team, representing the country in two World Cups (totalling five goals) and one European Championship.
  • Ronaldinho, born 21 March 1980, Brazilian footballer, won the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2004 and 2005.
  • Maria Sharapova, born April 19, 1987, Russian professional tennis player, has been ranked world No. 1 in singles by the WTA on five separate occasions, for a total of 21 weeks.
  • Steven Thomas Finn, born 4 April 1989, English cricketer, at the age of 16 he became Middlesex County Cricket Club’s youngest-ever debutant in first-class cricket. He made his England Test debut in 2010 against Bangladesh.Carriers for Aries: Using Fire – Fireman, Chef or Blacksmith?

Fireman seems a profession made especially for Aries, because fire-fighters wear uniforms, like in the Army, but also because Aries is a sign of fire and working with this element is a good idea, for him/her.

Of course, fire is also used in the kitchen, so an Aries can be a chef.

In Middle Age, an Aries could be a blacksmith, working with fire, but also with iron, the metal with which this planet was associated by alchemists and astrologists. Modern astronomy somehow confirmed that idea: Mars is known as the Red Planet because of an abundance of iron oxide, on its surface. Today, iron and steel industry remains an option – even today, iron is the most widely used of all the metals, accounting for 95% of worldwide metal production.


Careers for Aries: Natural Born Leaders

Self-confident and feeling fool of energy, an Aries already thinks like a boss, so he considers normally being a boss. For him, quick thinking is an essential quality. When needed, he can be very aggressive and argumentative. Instead, diplomacy is not among his qualities.