The week starts abruptly, the Full Moon in Virgo complicating things, Monday, especially at work. Then, Mercury in Aquarius favours group activities, for most of the zodiac signs. Sunday, imagination will be at high levels.

Monday, February 22nd: Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo) – perfectionism may be your great enemy, today. You need to be more positive in thoughts and actions. You also need to deal with criticism and boost self-esteem.

weekly astrology 22-28 february

Tuesday, February 23rd: Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces – today, it’s hard to mobilize yourself. You need a very strong motivation to work.

Wednesday, February 24th: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo – a good day for physical activities. Also, there is a good day to take action and eliminate bureaucracy.

Thursday, February 25th: Mercury in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius – today, it’s easy to make new friends and to be accepted in groups.

Friday, February 26th: Moon in Libra trine Venus and Mercury in Aquarius – partnership and cooperation are the keys to success, today. It is not the proper time to work on your own, solitary.

Saturday, February 27th: Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries – you can speak freely about whatever you want. Communication will solve, today, many old problems.

Sunday, February 28th: Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces – you have a dreamy disposition, today. It is a good day to use imagination and the power of your inner vision.


Good Days for Zodiac Signs (February 15-21, 2016)


Good days for Aries: Wednesday (at work) and Saturday (for group activities)

Good days for Taurus: Wednesday (in love) and Friday (professional)

Good days for Gemini: Thursday (for travels) and Saturday (for group activities)

Good days for Cancer: Wednesday (to communicate) and Friday (financial)

Good days for Leo: Friday (for partnerships) and Sunday (financial)

Good days for Virgo: Thursday (at work) and Saturday (financial)

Good days for Libra: Wednesday (for working on your own) and Friday (in love)

Good days for Scorpio: Wednesday (for group activities) and Saturday (for family)

Good days for Sagittarius: Wednesday (professional)

Good days for Capricorn: Thursday (to affirm yourself)

Good days for Aquarius: Thursday (for making friends) and Saturday (to communicate)

Good days for Pisces: Tuesday (in relationships) and Sunday (to affirm yourself)