Between February, 19th, and March, 20th, the Sun is transiting Pisces. With Sun in Pisces, each of us becomes more empathic, more sensitive to others’ feelings. Let’s see what this transit means, for each zodiac sign:

Pisces: Self-confidence

Pisces: you are self-confident and you affirm yourself easily, during this transit. While the Sun is transiting your sun sign, everybody seems to appreciate more the Pisces’ best characteristics: imagination, intuition, sensitivity, empathy, the ability to help others. And, of course, you are among people who have these qualities. There is, also, a good time for sport and physical activities. The Sun increases your physical and mental energy, so you always do your best.

sun in pisces 2016

Aries: Introvert 

Aries: you become an introvert, during this month. You are perfectly comfortable with your own thoughts and you tend to avoid public activities. Instead, you become more interested in religion and spirituality. Prayer, meditation and different rituals (religious or created by yourself) help you find inner peace and feel self-confident.

Taurus: Friends

Taurus: you make new friends, while Sun transits Pisces. But it doesn’t mean that you lose the old ones. Not at all, in your social life there is plenty of space for everyone. You also spend a lot of time thinking about your future, making long-term plans and setting goals.

Gemini: Reputation

Gemini: you try to build a good reputation (and also a brand, for your businesses). Just remember what John Ford said: „You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do“. You will earn respect and trust by doing what you say and by keeping any single promise you make.

Cancer: High Ideals

Cancer: you certainly have high ideals. You want it all and you want it all. This is ok, as long as offers you motivation. But high ideals are not good anymore when they from getting a job or from accomplishing your little, but so necessary daily goals.

Leo: Taboos 

Leo: you become attracted to taboo things and situations. Mysticism and occult also attract you, during this month. In finances, you have a great talent in managing other people’s money and resources. There is a chance to receive expensive gifts or inheritance money.

Virgo: Relationships

Virgo: with the Sun transiting Pisces, opposite to your Sun sign, your life is strongly influenced by all the people close to you: your personal life by your husband or wife, your professional life by your business partner, boss or even co-workers. So, relationship skills will be essential for success.

Libra: Valuable Employee

Libra: you are a valuable employee, the one that any manager wants: you are hones, modest, detail oriented and hard working. The Sun in the sensitive sign of Pisces boosts your Libra’s empathic abilities, so you feel what people feel and want and you like to help them obtain it.

Scorpio: Creative Activities

Scorpio: any kind of creative activity is recommended for you, between February, 19th, and March, 20th: writing, singing, painting, ikebana, pottery or maybe designing your own clothes. Your self-confidence attracts many admirers and you surely know how to make yourself irresistible, when flirting.

Sagittarius: Family

Sagittarius: you’ll be more involved in family matters, during this transit. You invest most of your time and energy in home and private life. Sagittarius, the traveller of the zodiac, understands what George Moore said: „A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it“.

Capricorn: Study

Capricorn: you need to expand your understanding and you start studying multiple subjects. Improving your communicative abilities and using them as best as you can is the other main task, during this period. You also can make several trips, while Sun transiting Pisces.

Aquarius: Financial Securiy 

Aquarius: financial security and independence is essential for Aquarius, during this transit. Saving money, making a budget and diversifying your revenue stream – these will be your priorities, between February, 19th, and March, 20th.