In August 2016, Saturn ends his retrograde motion in Sagittarius and, after offering you some life experience and knowledge, this planet asks you to create a strategy for long-term growth.

August 2nd: Mars enters Sagittarius – you have high standards for yourself and they help you give your best, day after day. Mars in Sagittarius shows you some ways to make tour life more exciting.

august 2016 planetary overview

August 2nd: New Moon in Leo (Sun conjunct Moon in Leo) – today, it is important to affirm yourself and to develop leadership skills, like self-confidence, innovation, results-oriented approach.

August 5th: Venus enters Virgo – you tend to have a pragmatic approach to relationships. You succeed to stay motivated during monotonous tasks.

August 12th: Jupiter in Virgo opposition Chiron in Pisces – you develop yourself while helping others to develop. You can listen what the writer and motivational speaker Steve Maraboli said: „Give freely to the world these gifts of love and compassion. Do not concern yourself with how much you receive in return, just know in your heart it will be returned“.

August 13th: Saturn Direct in Sagittarius – Saturn turned retrograde on March, 25th, inviting you to acquire knowledge and experience. Saturn moving direct in Sagittarius permits you to make major life decisions and to set long-term goals.

August 18th: Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Sun in Leo opposition Moon in Aquarius) – a day full of surprises and unconventional behaviour. The only advice we can offer is to expect the unexpected.

August 22nd: Sun enters Virgo – you focus on the little details of your life. This is a good month to get organised and to do detail work.

August 29th: Venus enters Libra – you are very obliging with others, ready to negotiate and to make compromises. You become more interested in Art.

August 30th: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – you need to overcome perfectionism and to start working smart, not hard. Efficiency becomes very important. You also have to avoid becoming hypercritical.