Both Sun and Venus change signs, this week. While Sun in Pisces enhance imagination and sensibility, Venus in Aquarius boosts originality.

Monday, February 15th:  Moon in Taurus trine Venus in Capricorn – comfort is very important for you, today. You succeed to avoid stress and to remain calm and patient, at work.

weekly astrology february 15 22

Tuesday, February 16th: Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius – lack of concentration is your greatest enemy, today. It is essential to set priorities in the morning and to follow them all day long.

Wednesday: February, 17th: Venus enters Aquarius – you become attracted to people who stimulate your mind. You truly understand the benefits of being open-minded.

Thursday, February 18th: Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces – today, you should pay closer attention to your dreams. They reflect your concerns and, sometimes, they offer solutions to your problems.

Friday, February 19th: Sun enters Pisces – you become more empathic, more sensitive to others’ feelings. You cultivate empathy and you spend more time helping others.

Saturday, February 20th: Moon in Leo opposite Venus in Aquarius – you have to take care of your reputation. Today, it’s easy to make a mistake, especially when speaking in public.

Sunday, February 21st: Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries – today, you can successfully resolve the tension between tradition and change. It is possible to improve relationships between generations.

Good Days for Zodiac Signs (February 15-21, 2016)

Good days for Aries: Monday (professional) and Sunday (in love and for travels)

Good days for Taurus: Monday (financial) and Wednesday (for making friends)

Good days for Gemini: Wednesday (for study) and Friday (professional)

Good days for Cancer: Thursday (to affirm yourself) and Sunday (financial)

Good days for Leo: Wednesday (in relationships) and Sunday (in love)

Good days for Virgo: Friday (at work)

Good days for Libra: Monday (in love) and Wednesday (in love)

Good days for Scorpio: Friday (in love)

Good days for Sagittarius: Tuesday (in relationships) and Sunday (in love)

Good days for Capricorn: Monday (in love) and Sunday (for family)

Good days for Aquarius: Wednesday (to affirm yourself) and Friday (financial)

Good days for Pisces: Thursday (in love) and Friday (to affirm yourself)