The week starts with New Moon in Aquarius, encouraging originality and creativity. These qualities are favoured by Mercury entering Sagittarius, on Saturday.

Monday, February 8th: New Moon in Aquarius (Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius) – you are looking in the future and everything that is new seems fascinate and very attractive. Also, it is a good day to meet people and to make new friends.

Weekly Horoscope February 8-14

Tuesday, February 9th: Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces – today, imagination really is more important than knowledge. A strong imagination strengthens your creative abilities.

Wednesday, February 10th: Venus in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo – you are comfortable at work. Patience is one of the most necessary qualities, today. You succeed to stay motivated during boring tasks.

Thursday, February 11th: Moon in Pisces sextile Mercury in Capricorn – you are receptive to older people’s advice and ideas. Today, you build a good relation with your boss, your teacher or your master.

Friday, February 12th: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries – you possess and independent spirit and you break rules when they do not make sense. And, today, only few rules appear to make sense.

Saturday, February 13th: Mercury enters Aquarius – you can discover unconventional ways of thinking and problem solving. You also become very friendly, with no difficulty in meeting new people and initiating relationships.

Sunday, February 14th: Mars in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Virgo – you are very good in analysing things, situations and peoples’ behaviour. Today, you can understand what motivates yourself and everyone else.

Good Days for Zodiac Signs

Good days for Aries: Thursday (to become more creative) and Sunday (financial)

Good days for Taurus: Wednesday (in love)

Good days for Gemini: Thursday (financial) and Saturday (for journey and studying)

Good days for Cancer: Monday (financial), Tuesday (for study and travels) and Thursday (financial)

Good days for Leo: Monday (in relationships)

Good days for Virgo: Wednesday (in love) and Sunday (to communicate)

Good days for Libra: Wednesday (for family)

Good days for Scorpio: Saturday (for making friends)

Good days for Sagittarius: Wednesday (with money) and Sunday (professional)

Good days for Capricorn: Thursday (to communicate)

Good days for Aquarius: Monday (to affirm yourself) and Saturday (to communicate)

Good days for Pisces: Tuesday (emotional), Thursday (to be original) and Sunday (financial)