We present you the planetary overview for May 2019. This month, Neptune retrograde brings you down to earth. The message is to stop living in a fantasy world and to start accepting the reality. Only then, you can hope to change it. Artificial paradises are for losers!

Mars turning direct in Scorpio helps us to motivate ourselves and bring more determination, when fighting for what we want. And remember what Margareth Thatcher said: „You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it“. Be prepared!

June 4th: New Moon in Gemini (Sun conjunct Moon in Gemini) – a good day to start studying. Or, at least, you can start reading a new book. You can also use the energies of the New Moon to make some changes and to do something new and different in your life – doesn’t really matter what.

June 12th: Mercury enters Gemini – Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so this planet feels great, for the next seventeen days. You will find ways to communicate better. This is also best time for short distance travel.

June 13th: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (until November, 19th) – Neptune retrograde can cause distorted reality. Uncontrolled imagination and day dreaming are some problems you may face, these five months.

June 17th: Venus enters Cancer – you often prefer staying at home than going out, even during week-ends. This is the best time to cultivate healthy family relationships.

June 17th: Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces – life brings you down to earth. You have to stop dreaming and start doing. Otherwise, you will often feel disappointed in yourself.

June 2016 – Planetary Overview

June 20th: Full Moon in Sagittarius (Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius) – it is a good day (or night) for a spiritual experience, one that transcends sense perceptions. For the more pragmatic, it is important to see the big picture, before setting goals.

June 20th: Sun enters Cancer – you need to feel at home, safe and secure. You tend to be more affectionate with the one you love.

June 26th: Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – this is one of the most profitable planetary aspects of 2016. You can create a healthy relation with your own body. At work, good employees are rewarded and their motivation is increased.

June 27th: Chiron Retrograde in Pisces – you can learn from pain and suffering, during this transit. Helping others can also offer us valuable life lessons.

June 29th: Mercury enters Cancer – your memory is improved, during this transit of Mercury. Emotions have the most important role in decision making.

June 29th: Mars Direct in Scorpio – Your desires become very strong and you do anything is necessary to fulfill them. The ends justify the means, as Niccolo Machiavelli said.

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