What is the favourite music for Aries? This is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, the spring equinox being not only the beginning of this fire sign, but also the beginning of the zodiacal year. So, this is a sign of new beginnings and the people born under this zodiac sign see themselves as leaders and brave pioneers.

Therefore, the first two songs recommended for Aries are about beginning: David Bowie’s „ Absolute Beginners“ and The Carpenters’ „We’ve Only Just Begun“.

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (Absolute Beginners – David Bowie)

I’ve nothing much to offer

There’s nothing much to take

I’m an absolute beginner

And I’m absolutely sane

As long as we’re together

The rest can go to hell

I absolutely love you

But we’re absolute beginners

With eyes completely open

But nervous all the same

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters)

„We’ve only just begun to live,

White lace and promises

A kiss for luck and we’re on our way.

We’ve just begun.

Before the rising sun we fly,

So many roads to choose

We start out walking and learn to run.

And yes, We’ve just begun. “

The characteristic verb of this zodiac sign is „to be“, his most frequent affirmation being „I am“. Aries has a strong sense of self and a strong ego. I selected two songs about Ego: Elton John’s „Ego“ and The Beach Boys’ „Male Ego“ – the latter being illustrative for Aries young men behaviour in love.

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (Ego – Elton John)

„ Well maybe it was childish, foolish, before schoolish

Immaturish, lose your coolish

But I had to grow and prove my ego“

„ Inflate my ego gently, tell them heaven sent me

Oh ’cause I’m so expressive and I’m so obsessed with my ego

My ego and it’s message

Oh inform the press, invite the guests

I need the press tonight“

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (Male Ego – The Beach Boys)

„Male ego’s like a game of chance

The gamble starts with just a glance

You’re off and running with a new romance tonight

Male ego won’t ever quit

It seems to me from where I sit

We oughta do our bit to capture it tonight“

Rules by Mars, Aries is the warrior of the zodiac. The fight song selected for this sun sign is Manowar’s „ Gods of War“.

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (Gods of War – Manowar)

„ Down from the sky

Into the fight

Hearts full of rage

Full of thunder and glory

Swords in the wind

Crossing the sky

Lords of doom

Bring an end to their story “

Aries is always in a hurry and needs to do everything right now. How Iron Maiden says – „Be Quick Or Be Dead“.

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (Be Quick Or Be Dead – Iron Maiden)

„You got to watch them – Be quick or be dead

Snake eyes in heaven – The thief’s in your head

You’ve got to watch them – Be quick or be dead

Snake eyes in heaven – The thief’s in your head….

Be quick !

Or be dead !

Be quick !

Or be dead “

The last song selected celebrates the fiery nature of Aries: Bruce Springsteen’s „I’m On Fire“.

Inspiring Lyrics for Aries: (I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen)

„I got a bad desire

Oh Oh Oh, I’m on fire

Tell me now baby is he good to you?

And can he do to you the things that I do? –

Oh no, I can take you higher

Oh Oh Oh, I’m on fire“.

music for aries zodiac sign

Are you Aries? Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite song!