What zodiac sign is Daenerys Targaryen? There are not astrologers in Game of Thrones. But we can ask ourselves: what are the astrological signs of Game of Thrones main characters? Today – Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys Targaryen astrology

Daenerys, the Unburnt Mother of Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen sagittariusThere is absolutely no doubt that Daenerys is a Fire sign:

  • I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong. I must have fire in my eyes when I face them, not tears”. (Daenerys, in „A Storm of Swords“)

Her name is Stormborn because, when she was born, a great storm raged above Dragonstone. Her House words are „Fire and Blood“.

  • I am Daenerys Stormborn, of the blood of Old Valyria and I will take what is mine, with fire and blood!“

When her brother dies, she coldly observes: „He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon”. But she is the Unburnt Mother of Dragons.

  • You saw me step into the fire, you watched the witch burn. What did the flames do to me, do you remember?“ (Daenerys, in „The Prince of Winterfell“)

Daenerys, the Traveler

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s traveler and Daenerys is, for sure, Game of Thrones’ traveler. After her wedding, she travels with the Khal Drogo’s khalasar from the Free city of Penthos to the Dothraki city of Vaes Dothrak, on the far side of the Dothraki Sea. Then, after Khal Drogo’s death, she crosses the Red Waste, reaching Qarth, the rich port city situated between the Summer Sea and the Jade Sea. Then, she plans to return to Penthos by sea, but this journey ends at Slaver’s Bay, where she hires the army of Unsullied. In Slaver’s Bay, she liberates tens of thousands of slaves from Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen. Finally, she makes her most spectacular journey, on the back on her dragon, Drogon, to the southern edge of the Dothraki Sea. Quite a traveler!

Daenerys, a Ruler with High Ideals

Sagittarius is freedom loving and one of the most idealistic zodiac signs.

Daenerys embodies an ideal and Ser Jorah Mormont is the first one that affirms it:

  • You have a good claim: a title, a birthright. But you have something more than that: you may cover it up and deny it, but you have a gentle heart. You would be not only respected and feared, you would be loved. Someone who can rule and should rule. Centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the world. There are times that I look at you, and I still can’t believe you’re real“.

Daenerys travels from city to city of Slaver’s Bay freeing slaves and there is much idealism behind her campaign, as she explains to Mormont:

  • Let the priests argue over good and evil! Slavery is real. I can end it. I will end it. And I will end those behind it… They can live in my new world, or they can die in their old one“.

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Daenerys and Personal Development  

Personal development is always important for Sagittarius, including Daenerys Stormborn. To practice being queen is one of the main reasons of Daenerys’ campaigns in Slaver’s Bay:

  • How can I rule seven kingdoms if I can’t control Slaver’s Bay? “.

And, indeed, there is a big difference between the early adolescent girl forced to marry the Dothraki warlord from the first season and the Mother of Dragons, Queen of Meereen and Breaker of Chains from the fourth and fifth season.