In Antiquity, Jupiter was considered „The Great Benefic“, a planet that brings luck and development wherever appears. Leading us to a higher purpose, Jupiter also offers us the means and the occasions to achieve this purpose.

From August 12th, 2015 to September 9th, 2016, Jupiter transits Virgo, this analytical, meticulous and practical sun sign, governed by the intellectual Mercury.

We showed you HERE what Jupiter in Virgo means for each Sun Sign.

But what about Jupiter retrograde? The planet is moving backwards from January, 8th to May 9th 2016. He remains helpful, but the way he helps us can be different, during retrograde movement. He indicates what we have to change or to develop stronger than before, so that we continue to improve our life.

jupiter retrograde in virgo 2016

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo for Each Sign

For Virgo, Jupiter retrograde affects the vitality and the physical appearance. The message is to not waste your energy and to choose wiser how to use your time and your expertise. It could be a good time to get a new look.

For Libra, Jupiter retrograde in the 12th house can signify some moments of solitude. It is a difficult period of time, when dark secrets and hidden enemies appear in your life.

For Scorpio, Jupiter retrograde will affect collective projects and relations of friendship. It is not the best time for working in groups or developing partnerships.

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For Sagittarius, Jupiter moving backwards directly affects Midheaven, responsible with social success and career. Sagittarius will have to work hard, to fulfil his professional goals.

For Capricorn, it is the proper time to re-evaluate his goals. There is no achievement without goals, but it is also important to set realistic goals and to work daily for reaching them.

For Aquarius, Jupiter retrograde affects money and businesses. It is time to make some changes in his financial behaviour. Multiply your sources of income may be a good idea, for those four months.

For Pisces, the seventh astrological house (of marriage and associations) is directly influenced by the retrograde Jupiter. If you already have a relationship, it is a good idea to spend more time with your partner. If you are lonely, there are not great chances to find someone until May 9th.

For Aries, Jupiter in the sixth house influences work behaviour and relationships with colleagues. Probably Aries will need more patience and tolerance. The 6th house is also connected with health and minor illnesses, so some healthy habits could be very useful.

For Taurus, Jupiter retrograde affects love affairs and luck in gambling. Maybe is time to stop acting like a child when having a relation and to start assuming more responsibilities in couple.

For Gemini, the management of family relationships is one of the main tasks, during those four months. Problems between parents and children are common, but now is time to try to fix them.

For Cancer, it is the proper time to achieve some communication skills. Being a good listener, cultivating empathy, being clear and concise in what you say are among the most important of them.

For Leo, hard work is necessary for success. And Jupiter in the second house is also about money earned and material goods. So, financial matters will be very important for Leo, during Jupiter’s retrograde transit through Virgo.