In 2016, Saturn in the 12th house announces a complicated period, for Capricorn. He will have to bring more attention to his subconscious and this is not easy for him, rational and pragmatic as he is. On the other hand, Jupiter in the 9th house speaks about traveling abroad.

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Here are some advices for Capricorn, depending on Jupiter and Saturn transits, in 2016.

Saturn for Capricorn, in 2016

Saturn is in Sagittarius all year long. So, for Capricorn, Saturn will be, in 2016, in the twelfth house – astrological house of subconscious, but also of accomplishment and end of projects. What does it mean? Here are some advices for Capricorn:

capricorn horoscope 2016Bring More Attention to Subconscious, Dreams and Intuition!

„Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate“ – said Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology.

The subconscious mind stores everything that ever happened to you and is the source of innate and instinctive behaviour, the subconscious mind generates bodily feelings and emotions based on thoughts and on direct unconscious perceptions.

With Saturn in the 12th astrological house, is time to bring more attention to inner voice, dreams and intuition. Keeping a dream journal is not something that most Capricorns will try, but they can pay some attention, right after waking-up, to the signals that the subconscious mind transmitted them, during the sleep. With time, they will discover some patterns and connections with daily events.

Go All the Way!

Charles Bukowski is the one that said it best: „ If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. […] If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is“.

Saturn in the 12th house is also about accomplishing goals. Once you’ve decided to do something, use all your time and energy and do it! Leaving things unfinished is very unproductive and will only create problems.

Jupiter for Capricorn, in 2016

Jupiter is in Virgo from the beginning of the year until September 9th and then in Libra, from September 9th until the end of the year. So, for Capricorn, this planet transits the 9th house in the first eight months of the year and the 10th house from September until December. What does it mean for you?

Travel Abroad!

2016 capricorn horoscope

There are many benefits of traveling abroad. Choosing to spend money on life experiences that create quality memories is far better for your self-development than buying some jewelleries, expensive clothes or furniture. A new TV will never show you the world with the intensity and thrill of a real journey. Studying French or Spanish in school has limited value, compared to going to France or Spain and using those languages there, between native speakers.

You will also become more tolerant. A political extremist will no more make you vote him by telling you that who is different is dangerous. We are no more in the Dark Ages!

Continue Your Studies!

Jupiter in the 9th house helps studying and intellectual activity. The best thing to do in this period is to continue your studies. You can continue learning into the areas that really interest you, with postgraduate study, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.

Or you can learn something new. You can go to College, but you also can use Internet, books and libraries or watch educational television. The contemporary society offers you multiple opportunities to learn, wherever you are and whatever your age.

Time to Get a Promotion!

From September, 9, Jupiter transits the 10th house – the astrological house of career and professional development. It is the proper time to increase your value and influence at work. There are great chances to get a promotion or a raise. Go for it, because you deserve it!