Girish, 1973, Mangalore – About Your Business

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Mia, 1993, Geelong – About your relationship

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Erika, 1956, Santiago – About Real Estate Career 

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Jamie, 1976, Willingboro – Compatbility with him (1980)

Aries and Leo usually have a good compatibility, being two fire signs and bringing a lot of passion and warmth in a relationship. In your case, things are even better, because your natal Sun (at 14 degrees in Aries) and his Sun (at 16 degrees in Leo) form a trine, a good aspect meaning that you energize each other and, even when your goals aren’t identical, you support each other. Another good aspect is your Mercury trine his Sun. Communication is good, because you can understand his intentions and he appreciates your understanding. This is an aspect indicating not only a romantic relationship, but also a friendship between the two partners.

Venus conjunct Mars in Cancer indicates romantic and sexual attraction and a big intensity of feelings. He finds you attractive; you represent the type of woman he likes (especially from a physical perspective). We are talking here about your Mars and his Venus, so that it is necessary for you to discover your masculine side and for him to discover his feminine side. You both have Ascendant in Virgo and they are conjunct. You see the world in the same way, but you must also remember to try new and different things together. Otherwise, relationship could become pretty boring.

There are also some bad astral aspects between you two. Your Sun squares his Moon. Sometimes, his sensitive Moon in Cancer can find you too rational or maybe too self-involved. On the other hand, there are circumstances when you find him too emotional and sensitive. You need to accept his feminine and sensitive side (as I said above) and he must learn to trust your judgments. His natal Mars in Libra opposites your Sun and Mercury in Aries. This characterises a very stimulating and dynamic relationship, but sometime could be too stimulating, making you feel exhausted. You need to competition between you too, because this competition could be a relationship killer.

Right now, both of you have Saturn transiting the fourth house, astrological house of home and family. So you both need to feel loved. You both have to show how you feel, even if it seems difficult. This transit started in January 2017 and will end at the beginning of 2020. These years represent a period of growth and development for your relationships. There will be some relationships problems, but you will develop trust in each other, because you are willing to work on your relationship and to truly look at what needs to be done. In the next few months, both of you have Jupiter transiting the second house, so that it is very possible to make more money.

Michael, 1979, Madrid – What are the best dates in October, November and December 2017 for getting married to T (1971)? (Moon retrograde and phases taken into account).  Marriage to take place in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Dear Michael, for you, there is no planet transiting your house of marriage, during the last three months of this year. That means we have to consider Uranus, the ruler of the seventh house. Uranus will receive good aspects from Mercury (October 28th), the Sun (November 9th) and Venus (November 21st). These are quick planets, so that these conjunctions influence you for only three or four days (one day before and one day after the planetary conjunction). And there is one day better than any of the three dates remembered until now: this is the first of January 2018, when Jupiter, planet of growth, prosperity and happiness, transits Uranus, ruler of tour house of marriage. I think this is the best option, for you – a great way to start a year. The days to avoid are those days when personal planets opposite your natal Juno: November 12th and December 8th.

For T., we have to study planetary aspects of Mercury, the ruler of his seventh house. The best days are: November 1st, November 15th and November 25th. Days to avoid, for Time, are the ones when Lilith is stronger than usually and can cause problems. I am talking about October 22nd, November 1st and November 13th. Starting October 27th, Saturn transits the first astrological house of T., for the next three years. This is a time when he has to bring something new into his life. And a wedding represents a good start. So, from a saturnian point of view, each day after October 27th in a god day.

So, again:

Best days for you: October 28th November 9th November 21st January 1st.

Best days for T.: November 1st, November 15th November 25th

Worst days for you: November 12th and December 8th

Worst days for T.: October 22nd, November 1st and November 13th

Studying also the Moon, I think the best date for wedding is 24th November. It is close to November 21st (good for you) and November 25th (good for T.). On November 24th, the Moon transits T.’s North Node, giving him a long-term direction in life. And this is also the day when the Moon starts transiting your house of marriage. So, the best option is November 24th. The second best option is January 1st, 2018. Then, you can choose any of the other good days.

Arjan, 1993, Amstelveen – I was wondering if you could perform a basic reading for me on my love life and if you could predict on how it will go the upcoming months.

Arjan, you probably already met someone in the first half of November. Think about the girls you met then, because there is a major chance to start a relationship with one of them, in the next two months (until February 6th). Maybe now she is just a friend, or a friend’s friend, a neighbour or a colleague. The next weeks, you will get closer. 22nd, 23rd and 24th December are also great days to meet a girl and to start a relationship. Most probably, a friend will introduce her to you. So, don’t stay home these days! Give you a chance to meet someone!

Right now, the best romantic partners for you are girls born under the sign of Virgo or maybe Libra (or having Moon or Rising Sun in Virgo or Libra). The next two or three years, it is most probably for you to have many short term relationships. You will start a long-term committed relationship in 2019 (after Saturn will end his transit through your seventh house) or even 2020 (with Jupiter transiting the seventh house, astrological house of committed relationships and marriage).

Joanne, born 1965, London – Curious as to the role Lilith has played in my life until now and how she will play out in the future now that I am in my Chiron return

Joanne, you have natal Lilith conjunct Venus. I said in my article ( that bad aspects between Lilith and Venus, the planet expressing the feminine energy, could indicate promiscuity. Well, this is not your case, because conjunction is not a bad aspect. Actually, it is a good one, offering you certain magnetism; you can easily attract men, both due to physical traits, but also because you are friendly and open-minded (having not only Lilith and Venus, but also two other personal planets in Aquarius: Sun and Mercury).

Natal Lilith in Aquarius and the fifth house needs freedom in love. It is very important to know that you are free and independent within your relationship. You need your partner to trust you; once jealousy occurs, it only can ruin the relationship – you prefer to be single than to deal with a jealous partner.

Currently, Lilith trines your natal Sun. This is also a positive aspect, so that your natural magnetism and charisma are enhanced. It is a good time to make unpopular decisions in your life or you can even exhibit some unconventional behaviour. This is because, due to the influence of Lilith, people more easily accept you as you really are. So, feel free to express your feelings and your desires!

Some men can find you intimidating, during the next few months. But you don’t have to change your behaviour. On the contrary, those men strong enough to be attracted to you and to come close to you right now deserve your special attention.

Edvora, born 14-07-1980,  Lushnje, Albania: How go to marriage?

Edvora, you have Lilith conjunct Pluto on the cusp of the 7th house (astrological house of marriage). Both astrological aspects frequently bring divorce, so it is very probably for you to have at least two marriages. December this year is an important month for you, relational. In the last month of 2016, you will have to take an important decision. Most probably, it will bring the end of an old relationship, making place to a new one. A second marriage also appears on your birth chart and there are good chances to be happier than the first one. A good partner for you is most probably born under the signs of Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius.

Pratyush, born 1975, Samastipur, I want to change my job. Is this possible?

Pratyush, the best time to change your job is on September and October, this year (with most favourable astral influences on September 9th and 10th). Then, you can go to job interviews or/and send job applications.

You work better on your own than as a part of a team – you must keep this in mind, when choosing a new job.

Mose, born 1984, Cap-Haitien, Is this guy I am with good for me?

Yes, Mose, this guy is good for you. He loves you and you can trust his feelings. He only needs to be encouraged to open up for you. You are the one who should take the next step in this relationship. In September 2016, when transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Juno, it is a good time for marriage or at least for talking about marriage.


Jennifer,  born 1948,UK, Email question

Uranus squares your natal Moon and this transit is causing many of your problems. The Moon is the ruler of emotions and of subconscious mind, explaining the way you feel „down and struck“, „affecting my whole outlook and emotions“.

On your natal chart, you have the Moon in Capricorn, under the influence of Saturn. That means it is difficult for you to express your feelings and emotions and that you are quite conservative, hardly accepting changes in your life. You are good in keeping focus on long-term goals, but it is sometimes difficult to react to everyday problems.

Uranus, which now is affecting your Moon, is the opposite of Saturn, in astrology: it is a planet of rebellion, revolution, liberty and sudden, unexpected transformation. This is what you need: inner and emotional transformation, you need to express your feelings and to improve your relationships with friends and family. It is also a good time to bring new people to your life. The main idea is to become more open to others. Uranus is a slow-moving planet, so this it will affect your natal Moon another year from now.

But the good news is that your Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus (also on the natal chart) receives well influences, in April, May and June, so that there will be an improvement of your situation.


Umar, born 1992, London, Which is the best day to meet H (before April 15th)?

Dear Umar, Wednesday, April 13th, is the best day to meet H. Between 18:00 a clock and 20:30 is best, for you. If it is not possible for you during these hours, better meet her later than sooner.

Stevie, born 1990, Perth, Money in January and February

Answer: Until January, 30th, it is unlikely for you to win big money. So, this month is better to spend less.

From January, 30th until February, 14th, you will be well paid for your work and you will also get paid for something you worked some time ago. Somebody will pay back his debts to you. In the last two weeks of February, you will be tempted to overspend. You have to battle this temptation. Creating and managing a realistic budget will help much, because right now financial behaviour is chaotic.

Emma, born 1993, Newport, Will B. come back to me? Does he love me anymore?

Answer: Dear Emma, your relationship with B. is not over. B. loves you (The King of Cups) and he will soon give your relationship a fresh start (Ace of Cups). Both of you have deep feelings and, together, you will overcome these difficult times. By the middle of February, you will be together again.


Meilou, born 1987, Manila, Is my husband happy in our relationship? How can I get him to spend more time with me?

Answer: Meilou, you don’t have to worry, because your marriage works! Your husband loves you and he is happy being with you.

The first three months of 2016 will be tough time at work for him, so probably there will be (and already are) days and nights when he will be under stress and he will not pay you as much attention as last year, for example. But, starting from April, after having success at his job, he will spend more time with you. It is a good idea to go somewhere, in a trip, just two of you, in April or May. Until then, offer him your support and your love.

Nagendra K, born 1974, Vijayawada, Business growth and expanding of business

Answer: With Chiron conjunct Mercury in the house of money and business, the keys to achieve financial success are, for you, communication and cooperation. A sole proprietorship is not the best choice, for you. You need a partnership and this is the way to expand your business: by cooperating with other people.

On your natal chart, the Sun in Aries is also in the house of business, so, in a partnership, you are the one with ideas and planning, you can start a business on your own, but you need partners and advisers to achieve the growth that you want.

This year, Mars and April are the best months to develop a business, to initiate partnerships, to bind financial agreements. A business in trading, in retail or in logistics and transportation is the best choice, for you.

Chantal, born 1971, London, Will my husband come back to me? He left me for someone else, but they are not together anymore.

Answer: Chantal, this marriage is over and you will not start another relationship with your husband. He doesn’t respect you or the relationship. All that he wants is to find another woman and that’s what will happen in the next two or three months.

You have a good chance to meet someone else, far better than him, in the last five months of this year (between August and December).

Shivnath, born 1991, Mumbai, What Aarna feels for me? Can we start a relationship?

Answer: Dear Shivnath, Aarna likes you, but only as a friend. Right now, she doesn’t want to start a relationship, neither with you, nor anyone else. After some terrible experiences in love, she needs few months to be single. If you are willing to wait until the beginning of summer, then it will be possible to transform your friendship into a love relationship.

Darren, born 1977, Cardiff, Is my wife cheating on me? Has she an affair?

Answer: Darren, your wife is not cheating on you and no, she has not an affair. Both astrology and tarot insist that she loves you and she is faithful to you. You are the one who has a jealousy problem and you have to overcome this negative feeling that can ruin your relationship.


Bill, born 1993, Massachusetts, Is a career in Commerce a good choice for me?

Answer: Not really. In astrology, planet Mercury (named after the Greek God of trade, profit and commerce) is the ruler of these activities. And, on your birth chart, Mercury is retrograde and has not connection at all with work and career astrological houses.

With Midheaven in Libra (ruled by Venus) you have a gift for diplomacy and for art-related jobs. You are also suited for a career in law. These are the best areas where you can develop professionally. The good news is that Jupiter will transit Libra this year, starting from September, 9. This planet will activate your gifts and will support you in choosing a career.


Lucyk, born 1990, Southampton, Compatibility with J.

Answer: With Sun sextile Sun, there is a great deal of compatibility between you and J. And we speak, in your case and J’s, about two of the most faithful zodiac signs and most devoted to long term relationships: the Cancer woman and the Taurus man.

Juno conjunct Pluto in Scorpio indicates great physical attraction between you two. That kind of attraction exists at most couples only in their first months or years but, in your case, it will last longer. As long as you are together, there will be also physical attraction. Your Moon in sextile with his Saturn indicates him like a supportive person of yourself. You will feel and know that you can count on him, during difficult times. Reciprocal, you have to bring some emotional approach in his life, when he will tend to follow his intellectual side, forgetting about feelings.

His Mars square with your Mercury announces possible lack of patience from him, when communicating with you. Managing different points of view and learning to use solid arguments in conversation (instead of yelling at each other) represents the main problem you have to manage, in this relationship.

Overall, your compatibility with J. is good enough and there are chances to build a solid relationship, which will last.

Emily, born 1989, Birmingham, Why C doesn’t talk to me anymore? Is he serious about me?

Answer: The tarot arcana that defines his attitude towards you is 2 of pentacles, indicating lack of responsibility and hesitation. On the other hand, the Devil (Major Arcana) indicates that between you and C. there are some connections, but not good and reliable ones. All that he wants right now is a frivolous relationship. Since your desires are quite different and you want a serious relationship, he is not the proper man for you.

Claire, born 1992, NY, What Arthur feels for me? Does he want a relationship?

Answer: Arthur would like to start a relationship with you, but he is not sure if you like him. It seems that none of you knows how to express his feelings. You have to tell him what you feel, because he feels the same way and his answer will certainly be positive. The Moon will help you to discuss your feelings with him on January 5 and 6.

Lucy, born 1974, Sussex, Will my husband come back to me? We have two kids together.

AnswerBoth astrology and tarot indicate that this relation is over. You have to accept that he will never come back to you. The good news is that on your birth chart there are multiple astral aspects that indicate a second marriage, better than the first one. It will probably be with a man a little older than you, having his own children.