We will present you three types of Virgo you never want to meet. Why? Let’s see:

Each Sun sign has strengths and weaknesses, qualities and defects. And Virgo is not an exception.

The Hypochondriac Virgo

Hypochondriac Virgo

How do you feel when you receive a clean bill of health from the doctor? Most of us feel relieved and go back to their normal life, with both healthy and unhealthy habits. For a hypochondriac Virgo, a clean bill of health is not a proof that everything is ok with their body. Instead, he take it as a sign that the doctor missed something. He certainly is not a god doctor, so they have to search for another one.

For them, the health worries represent a much bigger problem that any real health problem they can confront with. They read a lot of medical books, magazines and websites. In consequence, they know the signs and symptoms of every disease you can imagine. For you, a headache is just a sign that you haven’t slept well or that you had a bad day at work. For them, the same headache can be a sign of diabetes, stroke or even brain tumor.

This kind of person is permanently checking and monitoring for potential changes in his body. His (or her) thoughts are daily preoccupied with illness and guess what: eventually, they even get sick.

The Over-Analytical and Lost in Details Virgo  

Over-Analytical virgo

You surely heard about people that can’t see the wood for the trees. This expression applies perfectly to an over-analytical Virgo. Yes, they can be great data analysts, private detectives, social researchers or mathematicians. But spending all the time in your head and concentrating on every tiny detail will not help you in the social life and relationships.

Let’s imagine that the wife of a overthinking Virgo ask him to choose a restaurant for a romantic dinner. Well, he will need at least one week for making a list with all the restaurants in the city, with their menus and prices. He will search for second and third opinion for the ones on the short list (you don’t want to see the long list!). Then, when they’ll finally be there, be prepared for the same behaviour! Romance is dead, when he explains you about calories in pasta, noddle and rice or about the process of winemaking, from picking the grapes to bottling, passing through malolactic fermentation.

The Critical Thinking and Negativist Virgo

negativist virgo

When you are over-analytical and obsessed by details, there are great chances to discover a lot of mistakes and imperfections around you. This is not at all a problem and can even become an advantage, if you stay positive and move forward. But this kind of Virgo does not remain positive.

In their conversations, the negativist Virgos will always complain about something or someone: about their overly demanding bosses, about lazy co-workers, bad parents and traitor friends. Their computer is always infected by viruses and malwares, clothes never fit them and they never had an umbrella when it rains.

After a conversation with such a negativist, you start believing in energy vampirism, that drawn you of energy quicker than old Dracula drawn his victims of blood. But be careful: garlic and holy water cannot protect you from this type of modern vampire: the negativist Virgo!