What are the best gift ideas for Virgo men? Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of intellect and communication.

The god Mercury was, in the Roman Antiquity, the winged messenger of Olympian gods. Wearing winged shoes and even a winged hat, Mercury was also the patron god of travellers, boundaries, of commerce and thieves. Doing so many things, he also had a darker side: identified with the Greek Hermes and the Egyptian Thoth, Mercury was the guide of souls to the underworld, the kingdom of Pluto and Persephone.

So let’s see what this Mercurial man of our modern age would like as a gift.

gift ideas for virgo men

Expensive Gifts for a Virgo Man: a Laptop, a Notebook or a Smartphone

Nowadays, things changed a lot. You don’t need any more a winged hat or winged boots to quickly transmit messages to a friend from far away – a smartphone is quite enough and texts, photos and videos cross thousand kilometers faster than the ancient god could imagine.

So, buy a last generation phone to your Virgo friend! He will prefer a large screen and you can customize it with colors and finishes that represent something for your friend.

Not so Expensive Gifts for a Virgo Man: Organic Food and Vegan Restaurants

Why organic food? Most Virgo men are health freaks, so you can offer him a vegan cook-book or some healthy nutritional supplements, made from a miracle-plant that made Tibetans live two hundred years. You know this king of stories…

Or, another idea: just invite him to a fancy vegan restaurant!

Cheap Gifts for a Virgo Man: How To Books

Why books? Because he likes to read, to be informed, to know all sort of things that other people consider unnecessary. He is the one that knows which is the highest mountain on each continent or the first book printed in America.

What kind of books? Those teaching you how to accomplish a specific task: How to books about design, Photoshop, dog training, parenting, auto repair, decorating – you will chose better, because you surely know him better than I do.

What about Clothes? Something about Virgo Man Fashion Style

He’s the man who invented uniforms!

If you know a well-dressed Virgo man, don’t get to excited! More likely, his fashion style is his wife’s (or his girlfriend’s) exclusive creation. She buys him clothes, she tells him what to wear at work, in the club and even at home. Because, most probably, he really don’t care.

If he will somehow notice it, he will probably prefer colors from nature: green, grey or brown. But remember the most important thing, when buying some clothes for a Virgo man: feeling comfortable is more important than good looking!