How is a love relationship with a Leo man? If you have a boyfriend, a lover or a husband born between July 23 and August 22, you have to deal with a proud person, who loves luxury and creativity. So, we offer you 7 essential things you should know about relationship with a Leo man.

  • Accept him as he is or leave him, but do not try to change him!

    Leo is (like Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius) a fixed sign so, once he’s made up his mind, it is almost impossible to make him change a decision. Besides this, he likes himself just as he is and, if you don’t, is probably better to leave him. There are zero chances to ever convince him that the way he understands life and the world is wrong.

    leo man in relationship

  • Don’t be jealous!

    He is possessive, but he will not appreciate a jealous woman. So, you have to overcome jealousy, even if he likes flirting with other women. To succeed, the first step is to start trusting him and to stop transferring your own fears about him. Maybe he likes playing love games, but he loves you and he will not cross the line.

  • Make him proud to have you!

    Like all the people proud of themselves, he also likes to be proud of peoples and things associated to him. So, offer him proves that you are better, nicer and most beautiful than other girls or women!

  • Always look best, when you date him!

    Better miss a date, than letting him see you wearing bad clothes, without makeup or with a disastrous haircut. This is especially important at the first meetings, at the beginning of your relationship, but you will always need to maintain high standards.

  • It is a good idea to frequently ask for his opinion and for his help.

    He will take this as a sign of respect and his reaction will be strongly positive.

  • Always remember that quality beats quantity!

    Regardless of budget, he likes luxury and you have to remember this when choosing a gift for him, a holiday destination or just a Christmas decoration. A week-end in Paris or few days in Dubai will be more appreciated than two weeks at the nearest beach in your area.

  • Be creative in love and in everything else!

    He easily falls in love, but it is more difficult to sustain a long-term relationship. To this end, you have to find creative ways to express your love: your originality will make him feel special. And you will be soon rewarded, because creativity is also one of his qualities and he will never loose occasion to demonstrate it in a very pleasant way!