Daily horoscope is the most common form of astrology. Almost every newspaper in the world has a page where Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and all the 12 astral signs can find how the stars will influence their actions.

But daily horoscope is not always accurate. I’ll try to explain you why.

A child born in 2015 – Sun in Leo

Let’s take for example a child born on August 10th, 2015, in Manchester, at nine thirty AM. He is, of course, Leo and this is how his natal chart looks like:

Sun in Leo will bring him a lot of qualities: he will surely be loyal and generous, ambitious and a very good leader. The same Sun in Leo comes, too, with some weaknesses: he will be domineering in relationships (could even become a control freak), pretentious and melodramatic.

But Sun in Leo is far from being the unique astral influence that will determine the destiny of our little boy. The Moon in Gemini will make him socially engaged, with a huge need to communicate and an active mind. His Ascendant (Rising sign) in Virgo will make him perfectionist and attentive to details.

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Barack Obama – Sun in Leo

barack obama sun in leo natal chart

A well-known politician with Sun in Leo is Barack Obama. This is how his natal chart looks like:

Barack Obama already fulfilled some astral predictions of Sun in Leo: for example, he is a leader – the president of the only superpower in today’s world.

His Moon is in Gemini – identical to our previous example – but the Rising Star is Aquarius and this is quite different from a Rising Star in Virgo. Instead of perfectionism and attention to details, this Rising Star makes you innovative and open-minded – and, indeed, we are talking about the first African-American president of USA.

How Mercury retrograde in Libra affects two different persons with Sun in Leo

Mercury goes retrograde in Libra, from September 17th, 2015. How will that affect Barack Obama and the new-born child?

sun in leo 2015 natal chartWith the Rising Sun in Aquarius, Mercury retrograde in Libra will affect Barack Obama’s 9th house. Bad news, if he wants plans big travels and international meetings. Negotiations will not be a success, until October 9. So, mister president, better stay home!

On the other hand, for a Sun in Leo with the Rising Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Libra will affect the second astrological house. It means possible problems with money and possessions.

And this is how any other astral transit or planetary aspect influence, in different ways, people with similar position of the Sun on their natal chart. Why that? Because, as you have seen, the Sun is only one of many other stars, planets, asteroids and points calculated by the astrologers (like North Node, South Node or Lilith) that exercise an influence in our lives.

So, for a complete and accurate astral prediction, for an accurate horoscope, it is never enough to know only your astral sign – the position of your Sun in one of the twelve astral signs. You have to consider the Rising Sun, the Moon, and also Mars, Venus, Jupiter and all the other astral signs, that, combined, form the unique pattern the defines each one of us: the natal chart.