Mercury goes retrograde September 17th, 2015 and, until October 9, it will be difficult for all of us to think clear, to remain open-minded and not to yell, when someone irritates us. And, with Mercury traveling backward through the zodiac, you can be sure that a lot of people will drive you nuts. So, how to deal with them? And another challenge: what to do to not become yourself one of these annoying people?

Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Hard times for artists, writers, lawyers and public speakers

mercury in astrologyMercury is retrograde in Libra, an artistic sign, ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. So, these Venus-ruled professions are the ones that will feel the full impact of Mercury retrograde. Everyone who has a creative job will feel a lack of inspiration. Writing an article or a book, composing a song or painting a picture will require a lot of time and the artists will feel, more than once, like banging their head against a brick wall.

Libra is also a sign of justice and those who serve it – lawyers, prosecutors or judges – will also get through challenging times, in their profession.

Mercury retrograde for you

Of course, Mercury is retrograde for everybody and writers or judges are not the only ones who have to manage a scattered brain and to avoid quarrels.

So, we’ll show, for each sign, the areas of life where is better not to risk, but to remain calm and to avoid, if possible, any crucial decision.

If you are Libra, Mercury retrograde in your own sign makes you look like a hasty and irritable temper. You’re always in a hurry, with or without reason. Take care of your health, continuous stress is dangerous anyone!

If you are Scorpio, Mercury retrograde brings loneliness. It’s almost impossible to make friends in this period. Actually, it’s difficult even to keep old friends close. So, be very careful what you say and what you do and avoid ruining relationships and friendships!

If you are Sagittarius, collective projects and group activities are not working properly. Also, this is not the best time to think about the future and to develop long-term plans.

If you are Capricorn, you will find yourself in some awkward situations, in public! Also, you must remember that September 17th – October 9 is not the best time to get a raise or a promotion at work.

If you are Aquarius, stay home! The travels, especially those to remote places, can bring all sorts of trouble. Bad news, also, for Sagittarius students: try to postpone events after October 9, because Mercury retrograde will affect your intellectual abilities.

If you are Pisces, wait no inheritance or expensive gifts from September 17th to October 9! It is better to retain from spending, because there is a considerable risk to take bad financial decisions.

If you are Aries, you can expect relationship problems. So, you better open up the channels of communication between you and your partner and begin to focus on the good things.

If you are Taurus, the work environment will be way to tense. Sleep well every night, maintain healthy eating habits, drink more water and limit your vices – your body needs extra care, during Mercury’s retrograde period of time.

If you are Gemini, your creativity will suffer. Mercury is the ruler of your zodiac sign, so his retrograde motion will affect your life more than others’. Your love life will be his favourite target.

If you are Cancer, you will probably argue your parents and other relatives (especially the oldest family members: grandparents, uncles, aunts, even older brothers and sisters). Also, your fertility suffers and there not so much chances to conceive a baby right now.

If you are Leo, your colleagues or your schoolmates and even your neighbours become, suddenly, extremely annoying. It will be very difficult for you to avoid quarrels, proud as you are.

If you are Virgo, be careful with your money! Stop buying stuff you don’t need, avoid impulse purchases and don’t let yourself fooled by marketing! Otherwise, you’ll spend in three weeks more than in two months.

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