We present you possible interpretations for natal Mars in different zodiac signs. Mars was the Roman God of war, depicted as a beautiful and powerful young man, half nude, wearing a helmet and carrying a spear – emblems of his warrior nature.

In Astrology, the position of Mars in your natal chart indicates how you use physical energy, sexuality and personal strengths. For women, Mars also indicates the lover, the kind of man she’s attracted to, in a physical manner. For example, Mars in Capricorn indicates an older and skinny partner, while Mars in Leo tells that you are attracted by pride and childish men.

Each planet from our birth chart is like an actor, performing a leading role (indicated by the astrological sign) on a stage (indicated by the astrological house). Look what role, on what stage, plays Mars in your natal chart:

Mars, the Bringer of War – Music of the Planets 

Natal Mars in the signs

Mars in Aries – a Vanguard Warrior

mars in astrologyAries is the day domicile of Mars and, if you have the red planet in this astrological sign, you are impulsive and spontaneous. You prefer quick action, not careful planning. For you, one of the most annoying things in the world is to elaborate an action plan. You don’t get the point – if you want to do something, just do it, don’t waste your time talking about strategies!

Your physical energy is great, but you lose quickly your enthusiasm, when nothing new happens. You become impatient and even rude when people around you slow down. Avoid working with such fellows!

With Mars in Aries, you are a good lover, but not necessarily a good husband or wife. You enjoy challenges and you like starting fresh, new relations, instead of developing a marriage.

A woman with Mars in Aries prefers an active man, who, probably, practices sport, yoga or martial art. He is good looking, with a nice body and aware of those qualities. This kind of man enjoys compliments even more than some women, so remember to express your admiration for his body and, also, for his actions!

Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Marquis de Sade and the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Aries.


Mars in Taurus – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Stability is the highest quality of Mars in Taurus: financial stability, secure jobs and long-term relationships. With the red planet in this astral sign, you don’t like to start over and over again and you are not appreciated for your speed or for your adaptation skills.

But Mars in Taurus is aware that „slow and steady wins the race“. Those people work slow, but constantly, and have well-defined long-term goals. Valuing strength and stability, they work hard for what they want and, almost every time, succeed in their projects.

They don’t make quick money, but their long-term investments are very profitable. At the age of 40, they will certainly have a bank deposit with many zeros and some valuable properties. They usually prefer real estates or agriculture, but they are capable of making money from almost any business, if they have the time.

In love, Mars in Taurus is stable and loyal to the end. He is one of the best husbands (or wives). The sensual pleasure (offered and received) is very important for him, so he is great in bed.

A woman with Mars in Taurus prefers a strong and traditionally masculine man. They are often attracted by men who work with their hands, not necessarily at their job – they can also have a garden, a pottery workshop or simply enjoy repairing appliances or cars. Stability and mutual trust are the most important values, in such relationships.

Madonna, Keira Knightley, Mariah Carrey, Charlize Theron, Selena Gomez, Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro, Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Sir Isaac Newton are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Taurus.


Mars in Gemini – the Multitasker

mars in gemini victoria beckhamWith Mars in Gemini, you have an overabundance of energy and you need to manage more than one project at the same time. If you run after two hares, you will catch them both. You are the perfect example of what is called polychronicity: the ability to schedule multiple tasks contemporaneously: you cook food while watching your favourite TV series or you browse the Internet while sitting in a meeting.

You have also a passion for words, so you can be an excellent interpreter (listen in one language and talk in another) or a receptionist who acts simultaneously as secretary and telephone operator. With your critical and active mind, you can easily adapt to jobs like teacher, journalist, writer or radio/TV host.

Mars in Gemini is a very social person, always open to new experiences. He loves to travel and to meet different people and cultures. Usually, he prefers a lot of acquaintances to a deeper friendship.

A woman with Mars in Gemini wants to be intellectually stimulated by her partner, so intelligence is one of the most important qualities. Physical qualities are not so important, but a man has to be creative, open-minded and playful. If he is not, she might be having an affair.

Victoria Beckham, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman, Kylie Minogue, Marion Cotillard, Uma Thurman, Sandra Bullock, Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas, Sean Penn and Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors, are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Gemini.


Mars in Cancer – Family Strengths

For a man or a woman with Mars in Cancer, the family is the centre of the Universe and the most important thing in his/her life. A happy home and a happy family is the main purpose of life and they are very protective of those they love.

Their emotions are very intense and it can be difficult for Mars in Cancer to think rational in stress conditions or to be objective, especially when a personal interest is involved. On the contrary, they tend to make decisions based on their mood at a certain moment.

The good memory and the strong imagination are other qualities of those natives. They remember anything and they think that life is a learning process and every life experience is a lesson waiting to be learned.

In relationships, they search (and they often find) the true love. In a marriage, they offer, but they also need permanently a lot of affection and romance. In bed, they are rather traditionalists.

A woman with Mars in Cancer needs a sensitive and compassionate partner. She also needs protection, so it is important for her lover or husband to be a strong character and a good father.

Miley Cyrus, Penélope Cruz, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Vivien Leigh, Keanu Reeves, Robin Williams, Roger Federer, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lionel Messi, Al Capone, Pablo Picasso and William Shakespeare are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Cancer.

Mars in Cancer (transit) 


Mars in Leo – the Absolute Monarch

mars the roman godSome people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen – those are the natives with Mars in Leo. With the red planet in Leo, you have a strong will and you enjoy the pleasures of competition and risk-taking. You have the ambition and the personal magnetism of a leader. Acting with authority and power, you’re used to always getting what you want.

In love, Mars in Leo natives are passionate and charming. They like to show their love through compliments and expensive gifts. The partner is always in the centre of their attention and they expect the same treatment. They get angry easily, but calm down quickly.

A woman with Mars in Leo is always attracted by a high social position. In high-school and university, she falls in love with her teacher. As an employee, she is attracted by her boss or by the owner of the company. She believes that arrogance is a quality in a man (but arrogance against others, not in relation with her). She also encourages her man to behave like a playful child, just enjoying the moment. As Emily Dickinson said: „ Forever is composed of nows“.

Monica Bellucci, Jodie Foster, Beyonce Knowles, Demi Moore, Hillary Clinton, Amy Winehouse, Salma Hayek, Daniel Radcliffe, Clive Owen, Hugh Laurie, Ralph Fiennes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, George Clooney, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Quentin Tarantino, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, Colin Farrell and the US president Donald Trump are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Leo.


Mars in Virgo: the Perfectionist

Mars in Virgo is the perfect employee, every boss’ dream. If you have a company to manage, maybe you should request not only a CV, but also a natal chart and it is a good idea to employ persons with the red planet in Virgo.

With this position of Mars in your chart, you are born perfectionist. You will never stop in the middle of the road and you will never accept tot do something that you consider wrong. You are exigent with yourself and with everybody else. Sometimes, you are considered too critical and hard to satisfy.

Einstein said that the important thing is not to stop questioning and that curiosity has its own reason for existing. Indeed, Mars in Virgo is very curios and has excellent analytic capacities. Those natives can be excellent researchers or detectives.

For a woman with Mars in Virgo, the right man has to be clean and healthy. She cannot understand how other women can consider that sweat smell or dirty are sexy. The perfect man for them is intelligent, but not arrogant. He is kind and helpful when you need him.

Princess Diana, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Sophie Marceau, Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Napoleon, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and the former French president Jacques Chirac are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Virgo.


Mars in Libra: a Great Negotiator

With Mars in Libra, you are a great negotiator. You are skilled at diagnosing potential sources of conflict and avoiding them. You know how to develop trust and how to overcome any communication barrier. You are very empathic. So, people usually feel that you can really understand their thought and their sentiments.

A Mars in Libra man or woman is the one that talks to the stranger sitting next to him/her in the subway. They find other people very interesting – even more interesting than themselves – and they are open-minded,. They challenge prejudices and discover commonalities. They have already learned that one can share with people is more important than what divides them.

For these natives, the romantic partner has to be also a friend and even a co-worker, if this is possible. They are excellent in teamwork, because their communication is open and honest. They have a strong sense of belonging to the group and are committed to attaining the common goals.

For a woman with Mars in Libra, a man has to be beautiful. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But this particular one is a very exigent beholder. A romantic and well-mannered man will be highly appreciated.  She enjoys opera, theatre and art museums. So, her partner needs to understand art and literature.

Kate Middleton, Pamela Anderson, Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Kidman, J. K. Rowling, Prince William, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Eminem, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Sigmund Freud, Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Libra.


Mars in Scorpio: Never Forgive, Never Forget

mars in scorpio leonardo dicaprioWith Mars in Scorpio, you may appear as calm as a Buddhist monk in meditation. But, inside, there is the energy of a volcano. You have powerful desires. You usually get what you want, because you know how to manage this amount of energy. Self-discipline, strong-will and efficience help you succeed.

Your poker face and your magnetic eyes announce a formidable opponent. Very proud and self-confident, you are known for your excellent memory. You don’t forget and you don’t forgive, when hurt. You have an excellent capacity of analysing people. Above all else, you know how to take advantage of their weaknesses.

In love, Mars in Scorpio is attracted to taboos. He don’t speak about his intimate life. He is the opposite of the „kiss and tell“ type. Sensual, passionate and with a great personal magnetism, they are highly attractive.

A woman with Mars in Scorpio will be attracted by a mysterious, even dark man, with a complicate life and intriguing personality. He has to be passionate and sensual and jealousy is often present in her relationships.

Jennifer Aniston, Grace Kelly, Vanessa Paradis, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, Mel Gibson, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Lee, Michael Schumacher, Joseph Stalin, Mahatma Gandhi and Mark Zuckerberg are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Scorpio.


Mars in Sagittarius – the Adventurer

With Mars in Sagittarius, you are an idealist. You need a great purpose in life and you must believe that every of your actions serve a higher cause. The search of this higher cause is one of the most important tasks, for you. And, in this search, you study and experiment philosophy, religion or politics, with enthusiasm and sincerity. There is no surprise that many political leaders and spiritual guides have Mars in Sagittarius, on their natal chart.

They like to live an adventurous life, to experiment new things, to meet different people and to visit many different cultures. Mars in Sagittarius natives have many projects going one, in each moment of their life. And these projects are extremely diverse: from scientific research to adventurous trips, from spiritual practice to huge parties.

A woman with Mars in Sagittarius wants to have a good time with her lover or husband. So, sense of humour represents a must. Honesty is another quality highly appreciated by those women. How the man look is not very important – what matters is if she feels good in his company.

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Meg Ryan, Cate Blanchett, Avril Lavigne, Kim Kardashian, Agatha Christie, John Travolta, Jack Nicholson, Prince Charles, Prince Harry of Wales, Vladimir Putin, François Hollande and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Sagittarius.


Mars in Capricorn – the Power of Self-Control

With Mars in Capricorn, you like to be in control of your life. Security is very important for you, so you think twice before making every decision. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet, said Jean Jacques Rousseau, and you totally agree. You have long-term goals that require years to achieve, but this is not a problem, because you know how to plan your actions, like a chess master.

Very practical, you can turn profit from almost anything you do. If you have a hobby, you transform it in a source of making money. If you have a good friend, you’ll try to transform him in a business partner. And people like to work with you, because you’re serious. If you’ve made a promise, you always keep your word.

You respect traditions and you are sceptical of new ideas. Creativity is not one of your qualities, but you can learn to appreciate it at others. Then, you will use their creativty in your advantage.

For a woman with Mars in Capricorn, responsibility is one of the greatest qualities. A man with goals in life and, preferable, with a high social status will fit her best. Usually, the partner is older than her and, physically, she prefer skinny men.

Lady Gaga, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Lindsay Lohan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Björk, George Harrison, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Jim Carrey, Robert Pattinson, Rafael Nadal and Albert Einstein are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Capricorn.


Mars in Aquarius – the Revolutionary

mars in aquarius scarlett johanssonWith Mars in Aquarius, you are unpredictable and difficult to understand. You enjoy surprising people, especially the ones who think that they know the future and they can have absolute control of their lives. You’ll be there and you’ll remember them that not knowing is the great motivator. You totally agree with Mae West, who said: „those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often“.

Above all else, you cherish freedom. Everyone has the right to freely develop his own personality. In consequence, the ones that not use this right never gain your respect. You are ready to fight for freedom – yours or other’s – Mars in Aquarius makes great revolutionary leaders.

Mars in Aquarius considers loneliness a curse and enjoys having friends around and unconventional people are the one who inspire you most.

A woman with Mars in Aquarius wants an interesting and unconventional man. Bizarre clothes, unconventional ideas, surprising ways to show his love –these are the ingredients of a perfect man, for her. Marriage is not the supreme goal. A good lover is as good as a husband.

Adele, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Gerard Butler, Salman Khan and Queen Elizabeth II are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Aquarius.


Mars in Pisces – the Sensitive

With the planet of action and energy in the sign of sensitivity and daydreaming, you rarely fight for what you want. You also rarely know what you want. The dual nature of Pisces (the astrological symbol of this astral sign is a pair of fishes) makes you hesitant. Maybe it will be useful for you to remember what Sam Ewing said: „On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of decision, sat down to wait, and waiting died“.

Highly sensitive, you need a creative outlet. Mars in Pisces can create great artists, writers or musicians who express their emotions through their art-making. Otherwise, they find difficult to talk about their feelings.

A woman with Mars in Pieces usually loves someone secretly. The man has to be himself quite sensitive and intelligent – otherwise, he will not observe her or he will harm her. He has to take the initiative, because she won’t do that. On the other hand, she finds vulnerability in men attractive. So, dear men, if you want to seduce her, don’t be ashamed to cry!

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Emily Blunt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Tina Turner, David Beckham, Bob Dylan, Bono, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger and Rowan Atkinson are some well-known celebrities with Mars in Pisces.

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