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June 2019 Planetary Overview

June 2019: Planetary Overview – Major Astrological Aspects and Transits

We present you the most important planetary transits and astrological aspects, in June 2019. This month starts with the New Moon ...
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May 2019 Planetary Overview

May 2019: Planetary Overview – Major Astrological Aspects and Transits

We present you the major astrological aspects and planetary transits in May 2019: Mercury in Aries is very active, in ...
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quotes about astrology

Quotes about Astrology

We offer you ten quotes about astrology, with very different authors: from the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, Father of Western ...
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mars in cancer 2019

Mars in Cancer (May 16th-July 1st, 2019)

Between May 16th and July 1st, 2019, Mars transits the sign of Cancer. Mars is a masculine planet, associated with ...
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blue moon may 2019

Blue Moon and Full Moon in Scorpio (May 18th, 2019)

This year, the Full Moon in Scorpio - and also a blue moon - (Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in ...
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mercury in taurus 2019

Mercury in Taurus (May 6th-May 21st, 2019)

Starting May 6th until May 21st 2019, Mercury enters the sign of Taurus. The planet of communication and thinking patterns ...
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May 2019 New Moon

May 4th: New Moon in Taurus – The Giver Should Be Thankful

On May 4th 2019 there is a New Moon in Taurus. This is an important day not only for those ...
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pluto retrograde 2019

How Does Pluto Retrograde affects you in 2019

This year, Pluto retrogrades between April 24th and October 3rd. For each of us, Pluto retrograde represents the best time ...
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november 2019 astronomy leonids

November 2019 Astronomy Calendar – Celestial Events

We offer you the November 2019 astronomy calendar. Astronomy is the foundation upon which astrology can operate. Actually, astrology and ...
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famous pisces celebrities

Famous Pisces in Politics, Cinema, Music and Sports

We present you the most famous Pisces celebrities in politics, cinema, music, sports and other areas. Pisces is the twelfth ...
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saturn retrograde 2019 horoscope

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn for Each Zodiac Sign (April 30th-September 18th)

Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn, from April 30th until September 18th 2019. Last year, we explained how Saturn retrograde influences ...
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