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• Submit a request form with your details (name, email, birth date and place, question).
• Once you have sent your request form, you will receive your answer in 48 hours. This is NOT a computer-generated reading, so we need this time to ask the cards for you and to read and interpretate their answer. The answers are offered by our astrologer and tarot reader, Christian Ene.
• For a complete useful answer, we combine Tarot readings with Astrology. That’s why we are asking for your birth date.
• Your answer will be published HERE. or, at your request, will be send to you only by email, without publishing it on the website. We fully protect your identity. On the site will be published only your pen name and your question, not the birth date, the email or your location.

• You can also contact us via e-mail, for any kind of astrological analysis or more complex tarot readings and spreads.

You will be asked to pay via PayPal . The price for one question is 5 £ (6,60 Euro or 7,20 USDollars)

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